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One of eight Americans has a significant problem with alcohol or drugs

One of every eight Americans has a significant problem with alcohol or drugs, with 40 percent of the group having a "dual diagnosis," or concurrent mental/nervous disorder.

Approximately 27 million Americans either use illicit drugs regularly or are "heavy drinkers." Of these almost 16 million are estimated to need immediate treatment.

By age eighteen, almost 12 percent of all young people are illicit drug users.

An untreated alcoholic's medical costs are approximately 300 percent higher than non-alcoholic's medical costs.

Approximately 70 percent of illegal drug users are employed and contribute significantly to workplace absenteeism, accidents and injuries, decreased productivity, increased insurance expenses, employee turnover costs and on-the-job violence.

The estimated annual direct cost to our society resulting from substance abuse is more than 250 billion dollars.

It is generally accepted that chemical dependency, along with associated mental health disorders, has become one of the most severe health and social problems facing the United States.*

Treatment is the Answer
CRC Health Group specializes in the treatment of substance abuse and chemical dependency and related behavioral health disorders. For decades, CRC's facilities have treated thousands of afflicted individuals and their families. Yet CRC's mission is far from complete. As a major provider of treatment services, we will continue to establish programs throughout the country, providing the needed care for this significant population.

* Source: SAMHSA (U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)

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