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Online Therapy
eGetgoing - online group therapy that is anonymous and affordable

eGetgoing's mission is to bring high quality, affordable and confidential treatment to a much larger segment of the population, where and when they need it.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) estimates that approximately 27 million Americans either use illicit drugs or are heavy drinkers. Of these, approximately 16 million are currently in need of drug and alcohol abuse treatment. Unfortunately, only 3 million are getting the help they need. Alarmingly, many more individuals are trying unsuccessfully to get help. In fact, approximately 5 million Americans contact traditional treatment centers each year, and yet only 20 percent of those are admitted. Why? Limited treatment center space, high cost, privacy concerns and inconvenience each present significant barriers to access.

That's why eGetgoing was developed - to make high quality chemical dependency treatment available to millions in need by eliminating these barriers. Combining 20 years of traditional substance abuse treatment experience with advanced telemedicine and eLearning technologies, eGetgoing has developed an affordable, private and convenient alternative that makes online treatment not only an appealing new option, but also a very effective one, bringing quality treatment to a much larger segment of the population.

A Natural Complement to Existing Drug Treatment Programs
eGetgoing does not displace traditional treatment. Instead, its online delivery adds breadth and depth to the existing continuum of chemical dependency care - both complementing existing programs and serving as an alternative for those who otherwise do not have access to treatment.

For Teens Too!
teenGetgoing -- The same clinical team that developed the eGetgoing program has developed teenGetgoing. They have expertise in both adolescent and adult treatment of substance abuse. Through its sister facilities in CRC, residential treatment and traditional outpatient services for adolescents is also available.
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